Why Do I Need A Routine Oil Change?

I got talking with a new client some few days back and was educating her on preventative maintenance of her new baby(car), and as usual the question popped up: Why do I need a routine oil change? Is it compulsory? Yes, whenever I’m asked a question like that, the automobile educator part of me is awakened. I will be sharing the tips with you too on why you need to do an oil change.

An oil change does the following

1. Lubricates the engine: the engine of your vehicle have many moving parts and it relies on oil to lubricate these parts in other to prevent metal- metal contact and the resultant friction and damage that can occur as a result of the contact. As we drive our cars, the engine oil deteriorates, the colour changes from gold to a dark brown and then to a dark black. Even the slippery and smooth condition of the oil ends up either runny and thin or thick, gritty and gluey. Also the oil filter begins to get clogged with deposits reducing its effectiveness.

2. Cools the engine Components: When there is no proper lubrication and friction is created, this in turn creates heat. Having a clean and sufficient amount of oil prevents too much friction and over-heating of the engine.

3. Eliminates engine wear particles: dirt can cause corrosion and decrease the life of an engine. When oil is not changed as at when due, it breaks down to become sludge which prevents the engine from performing well

4. Improves fuel economy: Poor engine lubrication leads to an increased fuel consumption. With the right kind of oil and scheduled oil change done regularly, the gas mileage improves over time.

In conclusion, having a routine oil change makes your vehicle last longer. It is important to maintain your vehicle, so you will have a safe, reliable vehicle that does not cost you a fortune to own. Come see how affordable and convenient routine maintenance can be at Nenis Auto Care.