Do you Know why your car battery dies?

Do you Know why your car battery dies?

Many at times we wonder why our car battery dies. There are multiple reasons why this can happen to our batteries. Below are some of the reasons

  1. You left something on or connected in the car that drained all the energy from your battery. Ensure you turn off all lights and even your sound system.
  2. The vehicle alternator is bad
  3. The battery is old. Good batteries last about 3- 5 years.
  4. You have a defective battery and need to return it for a good one.
  5. You leave the car idling all the time or you drive the car on short trips not allowing the battery to recharge – so you wore out the battery before its time.
  6. Your battery is not big enough for all the add-ons like stereo systems etc. that you have had installed
  7. Your battery connectors/terminals are dirty.
  8. The battery was damaged in an accident.

Here are some tips to get your battery started up if it dies to get your car rolling down the road again.

  1. Slowly charge the battery by using a battery charger
  2. Use a booster pack to jump the battery
  3. Call an expert mobile service to jump the battery
  4. Invest in a very good jumper cable that should always be in your emergency road side kit. If you hook up a jumper cable incorrectly it can result in sparkling or shorting which could seriously hurt, you. This could also produce a power surge that could kill your car’s expensive electrical system.

In conclusion, it’s advisable you attend a car care class to learn practically what to do and how to do it when faced with a dead battery. It could cost you some naira but in the long run, it is worth the naira spent.